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Under the banner of Unearthly Communications, I am a seasoned ghostwriter with multiple book projects completed to date. I am so proud to have brought the stories of my clients to life.


My passion for storytelling underpins everything that I do. From the thrill of crafting a unique brand voice to bring them to the next level, to drafting a speech that will flow off the page for a client, I have spent fourteen years telling stories for prominent individuals and businesses in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, finance and real estate. Seven years ago, I started helping clients tell stories one on one. These projects include two polished business books with ideas that sparkle off the page and two unforgettable memoirs.  


There is not a single person alive who doesn’t have a story to tell. Yours just happens to be an extraordinary story, and one that deserves to be told in book form, reaching your wide audience and developing the readership that you deserve.


Working with my clients, I’ve assisted in storytelling that cements their legacies for future generations to know about their life and work. With my help, clients have written books that tell extraordinary life stories, as well as books that impart business wisdom and other career expertise, bringing their philosophies to new, highly receptive audiences.


Here’s how it works.


On our first meeting, we will perform an intense but exciting process of memory retrieval. Over coffee you’ll describe to me everything that will be immortalized in your memoir. You’ll be amazed at how that process flows. Clients have come to profound realizations and retrieved life-changing memories through this step. Don’t worry about the form that this process takes, or how long it will take – we can spread this out to fit your schedule. We can also meet digitally to suit the rhythm and flow of your week.


At this stage, your job is to get all of the puzzle pieces out of the box, so that I can begin to fit them all together. As I assemble these pieces into a polished memoir you’ll be proud of forever, I encourage ongoing, open communications – we can have as many check-ins as you like. It’s crucial that we meet every objective perfectly, from locating your narrative voice to bringing it all together with a publication plan.


Here are some essential points to know if you hire me as your ghostwriter:


1. Your name, and only your name, will appear on the book. You will own 100% of the rights to your book and your story. All sales proceeds, all future film rights – everything is yours. As my job title suggests, I’m a “ghost” who brings your ideas to paper (but a friendly one, of course!)


2. Our interviews are 100% confidential. I am a compassionate, close listener, and my intuitive sense will help capture the specific “emotion-memories” and ideas crucial for your book, and provide a snapshot of your intellect. But after we have put all of the puzzle pieces together, I delete every interview.  If you would like, you don’t need to tell anyone that you had a ghostwriter. The entire process is confidential.


3. My fee varies based on the needs of my client, but it is ALWAYS all-inclusive. It will not change if the process takes longer than expected, and will include a cover letter to publishers and agents, as well as detailed guidance on taking the next step toward either traditional publishing or self-publishing. As an expert on the workings of the publishing world, I am here to help you every step of the way.


And that’s it! If this sounds good to you, do get in touch  via the contact form below with quick message about who you are, and a sentence or two about your story.  I will reply to you personally within two business days.

Let's get started!
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